October 29, 2018

September 4, 2018

June 21, 2018

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June 13, 2015

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In honor of our lovely redwoods

October 29, 2018



My studio finally feels complete now that my torch is back up and running. It took a while, mostly due to pure procrastination. I've been wrapped up with getting back into the groove of teaching yoga, and honestly was a little disappointing with my studio space. It's an old tool shed, complete with spiders and other creepy crawlers. While I'm not afraid of spiders or other bugs, I do prefer to not have them land on me while working. The electricity to the shed was also not working, which has limited my ability to work out there as the days are getting shorts. Thankfully the majority of my work is electricity-free (save for my flex shaft). 


I finally bit the bullet and got a brand new oxygen and propane tank, and even had my regulators and hosing inspected at the welding shop just for peace of mind. My husband was kind enough to help me get the regulators installed on the new tanks yesterday. 


I have a tie clip commission to finish up this week. Although I've been soldering for the past 20+ years (what?!) I didn't want the first thing I've soldered in several months to be a customer's custom order. So I popped together a little redwood pendant, just for me. I was a quickie, taking only about 2 hours start to finish. 


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