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June 13, 2015

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Meditation gear

November 30, 2017



Meditation and yoga have a special place in my heart. They’re the center of my day, and the clear mindset they offer helps me through every other task. I rely on them, every day. 


At the pop-up shop I’m organizing, in addition on to jewelry I’ll be offering meditation cushions, weighted eye masks and hand weights. These are the theee items which help me most during my meditation practice and shavasana. 


This floor cushion is very soft: it’s stuffed with poly fill like a pillow. Others will be filled with sturdier materials, giving less cushion but a more firm feel. Which one you like is a personal preference. But any cushion is a great tool for lifting your hips and giving a little space while you sit. They can help you stay seated and comfortable for longer. 



They weighted eye mask and hand weights are perfect for shavasana, our final posture in any asana practice. The eye mask applies a gentle weight over the eyes and forehead, helping to deepen your sense of relaxation and keep eyes relaxed and closed. 


The hand weights test in your palms, grounding hands onto the earth. Those two small additions to shavasana can change your whole experience of it. 



These items, along with yoga mat bags, will be available at the pop-up shop hosted by Our Place Yoga on December 9, 1-6 pm. They will also be available on my Etsy Shop afterwords. 


If you’ve been off the mat for a while, take a moment to return to your practice! 



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