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June 13, 2015

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Coming soon: etched copper earrings

November 23, 2017


 Copper etchings with sterling silver ear wires are almost here! I’ve been working hard the past few weeks to transform some of my sterling silver designs into copper. I love copper’s warm tone, especially in the winter months. 


All of this bench time means a lot of sitting: often that devolves into a slumped back, crunched shoulders and tilted head. That bench time can act as asana though, if attention is paid to holding oneself well, and finding comfort and relaxation there. Letting go of chatter in my mind means I have my full attention paid to the action at hand. Then bench time and meditation can blend a little. 



It still doesn’t hurt to have a little asana break every now and then though! Here’s a short bench break.  

These earrings are made by first etching copper sheet. Each individual piece is then cut out with a jeweler’s saw before the edges are filed and sanded (top left). 


The copper pieces are then formed in a dapping block (bottom left) before silver wires are soldered on (top right). 

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