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June 13, 2015

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Zither brooch- progress pics

October 5, 2017


Here's where the brooch currently stands. All of the major components have been made, and are starting to be assembled. Order matters, and a big challenge is figuring out what to solder when. 


Etching was used for a lot of details, like the fret board, the enscription on the back, and as a pilot for holes on the scroll and bridge. 


The trickiest part will be the strings. The wire will be balled up and run through the holes on the bridge. At the scroll end, the wires will need to be wrapped tightly around "tuning posts": they won't be functional, but will loosely resemble the real deal. 


To make sure the tuning pegs were soldered accurately, I etched a template of where the posts would go and then drilled through those divits. 


Silver wire was balled and clipped into short lengths, run through the holes and soldered in place from the back. Next will be clipping and grinding off all the excess metal on the back side, and adjusting the pegs. 


There is also a 3mm tube setting on the top of the scroll, for a small diamond to be set in later. 


More soon! 

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