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June 13, 2015

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Zither Brooch- progress pictures

September 28, 2017

A few more days of work! 

Instead of a pin back, I'm making this with super strong magnets, which all need to be bezel set. I used bezel strip just a bit taller than the magnets so there is enough material to push over the tops in order to secure the setting. 


It's tedious to make setting this small (3mm), but while I was in the groove of making them, I made two extras just in case. 


Here's one bezel around a magnet. It's a good fit; no gaps, but not so tight that he magnet has to be forced in. 


Here's a time lapse of one bezel getting shaped and finished. 



Another component on the piece is a shaped bar at the top. I started with 12 gauge silver wire, and used my flex shaft as a lathe to create the notches on both ends. 

Here's where everything stands right now: 


The two scrolls at top will eventually become the back magnet bar. The pieces at the bottom are actually upside down at the moment  because the right side still has the paper template attached. I'll leave the paper on until it's necessary to remove since it protects the metal from scratches. 

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