Orange Community Garden

Beginning a yoga practice back in 2010 was pivotal for me: depression and anxiety were, like they are for so many, a daily struggle. Yoga gave me a structured method for moving towards a more balanced state of mind. Maintaining a healthy body is necessary for a steady yoga practice and gardening was a great way to support this. 

Growing veggies means eating more veggies! It also keeps me more conscious of food-waste: no one wants to see their hard work in the garden go to waste. Gardening was been a more rewarding process than I could have imagined. I used to hate it: dirt, bugs, yuck. But it grew on me (ha!) and now I cannot get enough. I've grown everything from kale to hops, and plan to continue gardening, hopefully in another community setting, once we move from Southern California to the Bay Area this summer. 

For the past few years I've been enjoying a garden plot at the Community Gardens in Orange, CA. This Instagram feed is a collection of photos from the garden. I've also been lucky to be involved at the Educational Farm Orange Home Grown has created in downtown Orange, CA. The Farm offers monthly free workshops on a variety of gardening related topics and brings in groups like the Girl Scouts and Orange's summer teen camp to participate in growing. 

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